• Week #1: demonfear map08 (July 16 - 22)

  • Week #2: tvr map03 (July 23 - 29)

  • Week #3: Doom2 map07 (July 30 - August 5)

  • Week #4: kamasutra map04 (August 6 - 12)

  • Week #5: alien vendetta map21 (August 13 - 20)

  • Week #6: forbidden sector map01 (August 23 - 30)

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August 23th, 2012

Mission accomplished - all top5 teams have played their games for the AV week. The activity wasn't all that bad, but two teams weren't able to exit. For a first time this season Oxyde/JCD took 10 points for winning. However, Devi/Xsnake finished not far behind - their second place means they will be the first TSL champions. Congratulations, you guys have been simply unstoppable!


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August 14th, 2012

Not even delaying a deadline helped completing the top 8 for week #4. Can't do anything, but appreciate efforts of those seven teams that played. Nothing has changed in the top 3: Devi/Xsnake - riding a comfortable 10-points lead now, after completing the hat-trick - and error/Tobi proved once again, that they have a hell of a chemistry. This time nobody came even close to these two teams. Can the Germans or Czechs attack the first place? The Alien Vendetta week should give us an aswer.


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August 6th, 2012

Week #3 is over. D2M7, the most classic map of this season, was a success due to its simplicity. It was nice to see teams putting alot of time and effort into practice. The top four pairs are the very same as they were last week, with Xsnake and Devisin winning second in a row and getting a dramatic lead in overall standings. Next week we'll play ksutra, which is a bit like tvr only with less options and way more brutal. Also we finally started the Damage Ladder - check out "Extra" in the menu.